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    In an emergence of mass production, Mgroup departs from trends to cultivate environments that inspire,

    evoke happiness and wonder and yet, live well.   

    For us, the fundamentals of design are form, composition and use.  These components lay the foundation for the layers of details that make each space unique to our clients.  To create beautiful, unconventional spaces, we explore inventive uses of color, texture, materials and architecture elements.  Once these components are defined, the furnishings then give expressions and livability to the room.  

    Our creative team thrives on savvy, inventive interior landscapes with purposed details.  We employ and collaborate with architects, general contractors, craftsmen, artisans and specialty vendors as each project demands.  

    Many of our designs are custom, originating as sketches and finished as hand-crafted goods.  

    Never found in a store or catalog, our imagination becomes our greatest resource.


    We strive to make each commission a visual feast and make it memorable.


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