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For almost a decade, Mgroup was previously located in a historic cotton mill in McKinney Texas. 

The design of our own space required both clever solutions for our multi-use needs and the skill not to over-design

but rather use the quiet strength of the existing 100 year old structure. Enamored by the raw state of the property and the historic purity our focus was to integrate modern elements into a framework of a simpler era.  

To maintain a loft-like environment, structural walls were kept to a minimum, This approach also offered spatial versatility

both for the office and gallery venue.  A metal conveyer belt was suspended from the ceiling to define area and

was coupled with functional drapery panels for privacy.  

The conference room is elevated for effect and function. The floor height change diminished the need for vertical walls and for events, the area then transforms into a stage. A s an added bonus, storage space was created under.

As with client projects, accessibility of goods in the market place can be overwhelming and paralyzing.  For us, planned restraint in furnishing selections became critical in the design program, allowing the structural beauty of the space to be seen.  The existing patinas, textures and industrial nature of the space were paired with select pieces of modernity to exhibit a contemporary visual edge.  

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