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For a congregation who share in a generational inheritance in rich Catholic history, details matter.  The new annex, Parish Center, would be built with a reverence and reference to the campus’ two existing historic church structures built in 1861 and 1908. 

Known by many Texans, as one of the oldest state buildings dating back over 150.  Only the Texas Alamo is older. 


While walking the properties prior to design development, the architect explained that the new building must honor the old, stand for a generation and yet, feel modern, so getting the design wrong meant, “getting it wrong” for a long time.  The new building would attach by a corridor to the newer church.  It would share, as close as possible, exterior finish details with modern interiors to reference 

the two existing buildings.  The new facilities include large ballroom style rooms,

a bridal dressing area/boardroom, commercial kitchen and auxiliary areas for gathering.

Pictured is one of my favorite details that we incorporated into the new building ceiling.  This cross detail can be seen over the entry door of the oldest church, quite primitive and unassuming.  A trim design was applied to the ceiling in a ‘scaled-up” pattern and repeats through-out the ceiling of the new vestibule area.  Then it was painted a soft, ethereal blue, also inspired by other historic features. 
Most, do not realize where the inspiration derived for the pattern but it offers beauty,

honor and when its origin is discovered, great conversation.


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