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The Cotton Mill is an ongoing historical renovation program. At completion, the development will be a thriving community of retail, residential and commercial spaces set in a century-old historical structure. 

Commissioned by the developer to design directional signage, entry doors and corridors, our objective was to merge the existing architecture with the new design components as if they were originally a part of the space, yet each addition innovative and new.  

Our observation and appreciation for the architectural details inspired the design of the signage and portals.  For the portals, layers of hand-crafted metal and wood were specified to create history, while forged geometric shapes and over-scaled door pulls yield drama and freshness.

The sliding gate uses the same mechanism as the original fire doors.  While the fire doors served a vital purpose for the worker’s safety, the new slider with its graphic, morphing pattern is a representation of art and beauty coexisting in an industrial forum.  The antique lock accompanying the slider was the perfect adornment for this timeless work.

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