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The aesthetic of this quick-dine environment was designed to evoke a sensory experience. 

Innovative colored changing lights (LEDs) are filtered through hand poured, opaque resin sails canopied over head in the dining room.  


The client desired a highly colorful environment- both fun and sophisticated.  Our solution was to wrap the vertical and horizontal planes in exotic woods and rich color.  The vibrant colors are displayed in the LED lighting and color-changing technology.  

This “green” technology is environmentally pleasing with low wattage and extended hours usage.  

For the client, the hip, colorful aesthetic companioned with energy savings is a win-win result.  


Subtle, repeating graphics reference the spherical-cosmic worlds.  Many of them are only discovered on a subsequent visit.  Other details found in the softly curving ceiling lines also mirrored in the scored concrete flooring below

create a flow to the space and a customer directional path.  

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